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Frequent Questions & Answers

Wholesale Business

Effective January 1, 2020, FR8Auctions will begin operating as a Licensed Wholesaler (or Wholesale Establishment/Business), so anyone attending or participating in the auction is required to have a Business License and a Resale Tax Exempt Certificate. You must bring a copy of your Business License and Resale Tax Exempt Certificate when you register in 2020.

Firearms Policy

Fr8auctions has a "No Firearms or Weapons" policy on our properties. Fr8auctions respects everyone's legal rights to carry arms, however it is our commercial right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by our terms and policies when conducting business. Violators will be asked to leave the premises. We thank you in advance for your understanding

Auction Schedule

Our sales are every 2 weeks. Doors open at 9AM, bidders are welcome to inspect our product. Over 600 Pallets will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.

Attendee Age Restriction

Due to insurance and safety governance, we are restricting anyone 18 and under from entering the building.

Deposit & Payment Methods

Acceptable payments: Cash, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards.Deposit amount is $100.00. It must be rendered upon entering the building, the amount will be used towards your purchases.


2022 is setting up to be an incredible year for our consignors and buyers as our FR8 Family continues to grow. 
In the coming weeks and months pay close attention to our website and all social media outlets to learn about…

  • NEW and INNOVATIVE ways to view, bid on, and purchase our merchandise
  • NEW CONSIGNORS that are joining our team and diversifying our product offerings for you
  • NEW OPPORTUNITIES to partner with FR8 to build and grow your own profitable business 

We are excited to share big changes that are just around the corner and cannot wait for the exciting year ahead. 


Marcus Barela, Founder of

During this challenging time, Fr8auctions’ focus has and will continue to be on supporting our customers, employees, and consignors. We have been diligent to make sure the Fr8auctions’ family stays safe and adheres to the regulations our country and state have put in place to maintain a healthy work environment.

We continue to be partnered with our existing buyers and consignors in order to provide opportunities for them to profit. As always, we are dedicated to offering the best merchandise in the industry while also delivering an experience that demonstrates a standard of excellence and integrity which drives our core business principles.

In order to abide by the stay at home and social distancing regulations we have had to make some strategic changes to our method of selling merchandise. We shifted from a live auction format and transitioned to our new Eauction format so we can effectively limit contact while still offering our existing customers the opportunity to buy and sustain their own distribution channels with products.

As we continue to monitor health and safety data it is yet to be determined when we may have our next live auction but please know that we are optimistic about that opportunity to present itself soon and at that point we will begin to register new buyers. We realize that many of you would like to register and have not had the opportunity to do so during this period of time. As we plan to open registration back up for new members please prepare to register with the following two documents: a business license AND a state resale certificate from the Department of Revenue for the state you do business in. We will continue to update and communicate through our website at as well as our social media outlets. We appreciate your patience and do look forward to the opportunity for you to be a part of the Gr8 Fr8auctions family.

God Bless and Stay Safe.

Marcus Barela