Lost or Unclaimed Freight? Turn it into Profit!

Tailored Auction Strategies for Freight and Logistics Companies

Leverage Our Expert Auction Services to Transform Lost Shipments into Profitable Opportunities

Welcome to Fr8Auctions, where our expert auction services are designed to seamlessly convert lost shipments into financial wins.
Our mission is clear: maximize your profit by clearing out unwanted freight.

Transform Your Lost Freight Into a Source of Revenue

Seamlessly Convert Lost Shipments into Financial Wins

In the fast-paced world of freight and transportation, dealing with lost, unclaimed, or damaged freight is an inevitable challenge. However, these challenges also present unique opportunities.

Benefits of Partnering with Fr8Auctions

Financial Recovery and Maximization: Through our specialized auction system, lost, unclaimed, or damaged freight is expertly evaluated and presented to a wide network of buyers. This process ensures that you receive the best possible return on otherwise lost assets.

Free Up Warehouse Space: Freight and logistics companies can incur substantial expenses in maintaining and managing inventory in warehouses, including rent, utilities, and labor. By auctioning off lost and unclaimed freight, you can minimize these overheads, leading to considerable cost savings.

Streamlined Process: Our streamlined system takes care of everything from inventory assessment to the final sale. This turnkey solution means less hassle for you and more time to focus on your core business operations.

Expansive Buyer Network: Our extensive network of buyers is one of our biggest assets. By tapping into this diverse market, your freight reaches a wider audience, increasing the chances of a higher sale price.

Customized Solutions: Every business is unique, and so are its challenges. Fr8Auctions offers customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a one-time large consignment or regular small volumes, our services are flexible to accommodate different types of freight and volumes.

In conclusion, Fr8Auctions is more than just an auction service provider; we’re a strategic partner in turning logistical challenges into profitable ventures!

Our team’s deep understanding of the supply chain dynamics ensures that we provide practical and effective solutions for every liquidation challenge.

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Partners (Sellers) FAQ

We’d love to tell you who they are, but we maintain discretion and do not publicize our Partners’ names. This gives our Partners the confidence that they can supply large quantities of merchandise with minimal impact to their market value or conflicts with their vendors. Our primary partners are big-box stores and large freight companies. However, we partner with all size retailers and freight companies with varied volume requirements.

We have thousands of registered buyers that have completed and been approved through our application process. We are very selective and do not accept all buyers who apply. Our application process helps to protect the market value of your merchandise. The majority of our buyers are sophisticated buyers with various sales channels from brick and mortar stores, internet stores, to export businesses. These are businesses, not side hustles.

Collaborating with us ensures that our interests are aligned. Unlike the traditional liquidation model where your buyers realize more profit when they drive your price down, with us, the higher the final auction price, the better for both parties. Our dedicated team works to ensure that each piece of merchandise achieves its maximum return potential by sorting, palletizing, and displaying your merchandise in a way that our buyers appreciate and helps them accurately gauge the market value of the merchandise prior to bidding.

Quite simply, our winning bidders set the price of the merchandise we auction. We have sophisticated bidders who spend time researching the merchandise in our auctions as well as the advertised prices throughout the various possible channels for selling the merchandise.

Once you are an approved Partner (Consigner), we will work together to coordinate your future shipments. That’s it! All you need to do is ship your merchandise to us. We handle everything from there — no need for you to organize or sort anything. We do all the groundwork and handle all of the labor required to maximize your returns.

We conduct auctions every two weeks. Typically, merchandise is auctioned within two cycles after receipt and preparation. Special loads will be handled on a case by case basis after consulting with you.

Our auctions typically showcase 1,200 to 1,500 lots, which translates to 4,000 to 6,000 pallets of merchandise. Lots can range from one pallet to 26 pallets or even more than truckload.

We utilize a sealed high bid auction format. This ensures that buyers submit their highest and best offers, as they’re only allowed one bid per lot. More importantly, our sealed high bid format ensures confidentiality and fair competition while also encouraging a true valuation of the market value of your merchandise. As a result, our buyers have become stronger and better businesses that continue to expand and grow while in turn helping grow our business and generate better returns for you. That’s a true win-win-win partnership!

This process has improved many buyers’ business practices. Our sealed high bid format has eliminated the emotional bidding of live auctions that has led to bad business decisions. They now calculate costs, potential profit margins, shipping, and much more before placing their best bid, curbing emotional bidding and enhancing consistent profitability. As a result, many of our buyers are now purchasing much more than they did during our prior live auction format.

Buyers trust the integrity of our pallets. We often hear from our buyers that they trust the quality and makeup of our pallets.  We ensure transparency — there are no hidden elements or surprises. The quality visible outside our pallets reflects the merchandise inside. Our buyers also appreciate the amount of labor we put into creating beautiful pallets of merchandise. Doing so allows them to reduce their labor costs and sometimes helps them better visualize how to display or market the merchandise to their customers.

We don’t set minimum prices on our auction lots. This approach has been advantageous for our partners, often yielding returns exceeding those from traditional liquidators. Quite simply, our winning bidders set the price of the merchandise we auction. We have sophisticated bidders who spend time researching the merchandise in our auctions as well as the advertised prices throughout the various possible channels for selling the merchandise.

One of the many benefits of a sealed high bid format is that our buyers are not influenced by who may or may not be bidding on merchandise they would like to bid on. Instead, they bid based on their honest valuation of the merchandise within their respective business models.

Partners send us pallets, gaylord boxes or truckloads of merchandise. After receipt, we process, repalletize, and prepare these for auction. We palletize your merchandise to best display your merchandise and bring the highest return from our bidders.

No, we don’t charge storage fees for merchandise awaiting auction. However, we do expect that you will communicate with us regarding what merchandise you intend to send and when your merchandise will be delivered until we have developed a regular cadence that we are both happy with.

It’s exceptionally rare for merchandise not to sell. In fact, unsold lots have been a rarity since we moved to our sealed high bid format.

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